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       Purple dragonfly belly ring with dangling gems and chains - $6.99
       Organic buffalo horn hook taper with abalone inlays - $16.49
       Flower ball and half ball straight barbell, 12 ga - $3.49
       14K real yellow gold 6-petal flower belly button ring - $199.99
       Acrylic ball with stone titanium circular barbell, 12ga - $11.49
       Steel curved barbell with heart top, 12 ga - $5.99
       14K real gold belly ring with Garnet double heart CZs - $160.00
       14K real gold nipple ring with dangling white pearl on chain, 14 ga - $80.99
       Circular barbell with cabochon balls, 14 ga - $7.99
       Single flower cone straight barbell, 14 ga - $6.99
4 gauge curved hole expander


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  • Length: 1" (25mm)
  • Gauge (Thickness): 4
  • Material: 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, Implant Grade
  • Type: Taper / Hole Expander
  • -: two O-rings included
  • -: priced and sold in pairs

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Fake 0 gauge plug, 14 gauge
Fake 0 gauge plug, 14 gauge
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0 gauge steel taper
0 gauge steel taper
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00 gauge steel hole expander
00 gauge steel hole expander
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2 gauge curved taper
2 gauge curved taper
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0 gauge cubic zirconia plug
0 gauge cubic zirconia plug
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0 gauge organic horn plug with mother of pearl inlay
0 gauge organic horn plug with mother of pearl inlay
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